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  2016 UFO sightings – “Space Station Live” was a popular 30-minute daily show by NASA as part of the International Space Station live stream. Recently, NASA cancelled the said live feed which sparked rumors that the American space agency is yet again trying to cover up another UFO sighting.

According to
Headline & Global News: “NASA has been long blamed for covering up facts about alien life and unidentified flying objects (UFO). The American space agency has been in the middle of a controversy several times for cutting live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) as soon as a UFO was spotted in the video. Now, NASA is once again caught in a controversy for canceling its live stream from the ISS.
It has been reported that the number of 2016 UFO sightings has increased over the last few months, and UFO enthusiasts highly speculate that cancelling the popular show has something to do with it. The outlet notes NASA’s explanation about the need to cancel the daily live stream in order to update “some of the programming bits”; however, the public is not convinced. A massive UFO was recently cited in a video captured by the ISS and NASA allegedly tried to cover up parts of the said spacecraft in the footage.

UFO Sightings in 2016

  In a Malaysian remote village, an enormous spacecraft was seen flying over Kuala Krai this week. The public has since been divided whether or not the footage of the alleged “UFO spacecraft” was a CGI. According to Aussie Network News, the anonymous Malaysian blogger who posted the video claims that the UFO sighting was real and unedited.

The anonymous Malaysian blogger claims: “There’s no doubt what you see on the video. Everybody who saw the ship is convinced by what it is. It’s such a remote location that they hardly see airplanes there, definitely not space ships. But there’s a big difference and anyone can tell the difference. Some people say the clip has been edited and faked but it looks real. It’s clearly not a military aircraft or a commercial airliner.”

The local police reportedly told the media that they did not receive any report regarding the said UFO sightings. The Malaysian authorities are said to doubt the authenticity of the footage. Nevertheless, many still believe that the UFO sighting was real, so are the other reported UFO-related incidents this year, such as the UFO spacecraft flying over Jupiter, which was cited in July.

It is believed that NASA cancelled the “Space Station Live” to reduce UFO-related incidents this year. Stay tuned for more news and updates on 2016 UFO sightings!

UFO Sightings

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Leaked UFO recorded by US Department of Homeland Security

Leaked UFO video by US Department of Homeland Security: An allegedly leaked UFO video recorded by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was analyzed...

Airbus pilot captures a UFO during flight 11/08/15 – [Video]

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The solved UFO cases of July, 2015

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US Submarine Leaked UFO Photos

A series of "leaked" photographs were recently published by a French magazine called "Top Secret" allegedly taken by the American navy submarine USS Trepang...

Aligned UFOs in Rome

Last May 31st a group of UFOs was recorded in Rome, Italy at daylight. You can see an object with visible size with something elongated...

Multiple UFO Sighting in Kolomna

On Monday at about 19:55 hrs. a resident of the city of Kolomna, Russia witnessed what can be described as a "multiple UFO sighting"....

Daylight UFO recorded in South Wales UK

Interesting video of an apparently metallic object completely stationary in the air. Recorded in South Wales, United Kingdom on November 30th at daylight.      

UFOs in Valparaíso, Chile

November 6th 2014. Several UFOs were recorded in Valparaíso, Chile at daylight. They move quite fast, in multiple directions and it seems that...

Daylight UFO sighting in Santiago del Estero

On April 21st, Luis Gomez, a resident of the neighborhood "8 de abril" in Capitol City of Santiago del Estero (Argentina), was at home...

Disk shaped UFO recorded at daylight in Maassluis

On April 11th 2014 a resident of  Maassluis, The Netherlands recorded a clear shot of a disk-shaped UFO at daylight. The object was seen over...

Multiple UFOs recorded in Kolomna, Russia – March 10th 2014

Multiple UFOs were recorded in the night sky of Kolomna, Russia on March 10th 2014. Two different witnesses captured their sighting on video, showing...

UFOs sighted by ISS Commander Chiao during spacewalk

In 2005, astronaut Leroy Chiao was commander of the International Space Station for six and a half months. During a spacewalk with cosmonaut Salizhan...

Jet near miss with UFO over Berkshire

On July 19th 2013 the captain of a Thomas Cook airliner flying tourists back from Ibiza to the Manchester reported a "near miss" with...

UFO at Bremen Airport

Flights were disrupted when a UFO appeared on radars at a German airport, police have said. The unidentified aircraft cancelled one flight, diverted another and...


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