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This is a reference Website. It offers a collection of hand-picked UFO resources: real UFO pictures (see the "summary" and "technical overview" pages), video documentaries, video footage and testimonies, technical data and over 500 links to scientific studies, books, portals, newsfeeds, blogs and forums about UFOs. In short, by combining info from many diverse sources, our goal is to share a selection of valuable, representative (in a some cases unique UFO info and original research), as concisely as possible and offer some possible answers. Also provide a "starting point" for in-depth info and gems of real value in a labyrinth of (often false) information published on the fascinating subject of UFOs.




Summary: This page aims to offer a fairly broad selection of decent UFO documentaries. One of the problems that confronts anyone who wants to seriously study the UFO phenomenon is learning which books and documentaries on the subject can be trusted, and which books and documentaries are done by blindly partisan advocates (either "true believers" or "debunkers") or mainly for entertainment (some of the latest generation of fast paced, but low on content, info-tainment type productions). Keep in mind however that most UFO documentaries are meant to appeal to the broadest possible audience, and as such are quite basic, i.e. "UFOs 101".

Introduction: The "core UFO phenomenon" is the subset of reports by multiple reputable witnesses of seemingly solid structured aerial objects, sometimes confirmed by radar (radar/visual) and occasionally leaving physical traces (CE2s). Let's start by watching a 10min long extract from the late Peter Jennings' Feb-2005 ABC Special "UFO: Seeing is believing" featuring two cases from the United States:

both cases involving multiple corroborating witnesses. One case is recent, the other a classic one:

  1. [recent] St. Clair County, Illinois 5-Jan-2000 4:00AM police officers in five adjoining towns all independently report witnessing a large flying craft with multiple bright lights moving silently across the sky at a very low altitude, with the unfolding of the incident recorded on radio transcripts. (Note: The Jennings clip gives the "5 minute briefing", a much more elaborate documentation of this case is offered at dbakertv and NIDSCI)
  2. [classic] Minot Air Force Base, N.D., 24-Oct-1968 (BlueBook case #12548) when 16 airmen on the ground witness UFOs hovering and zipping around ("darting very quickly one way or the other") near the Minuteman missile silos of the 91st Strategic Missile Wing of the base. Moments later, the crew of an airborne B-52 which was called-in to investigate, saw visually and also tracked on radar a huge (est. 200ft diameter and 100s of feet long) UFO pacing their plane. (Note: a more elaborate documentation of the Minot AFB, ND 1968 is offered at minotb52ufo.com
Animated graphics were used to re-enact sighting accounts.

Watch the first 8 minutes of CBS TV's 1966 Special "UFOs: Friend, Foe or Fantasy?", presented by America's top newsman Walter Cronkite ("the most trusted man in America" to deliver the news), which deals with the famous Michigan 1966 wave of UFO sightings. The multiple sightings by responsible citizens prompted then House Minority Leader Gerald R. Ford, R-Mich. (and later US President) to call for Congressional hearings on the subject (more @ presidentialufo).

You can watch the entire CBS 1966 UFO documentary at CBS video archive. Sponsored by no less than IBM, it featured many high profile scientists of the era, incl. astronomers Drs Hynek, Menzel, Page, Carl Sagan, military spokespersons and others.

Media spin: Like many other UFO presentations on television, the CBS 1966 UFO special was primarily another attempt to dismiss UFOs. It was criticized for "bait and switch" techniques, as well as inaccurate and misleading presentations. It "left the unmistakable implication... that those who report UFOs are either unreliable or mentally unbalanced", writes Terry Hansen in his 2001 book "The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up" (amazon) Perhaps the most unambiguous evidence of the agenda behind the 1966 CBS broadcast, is a personal letter by astronomer Dr. Thornton Page (who appears together with Carl Sagan), discovered in the Smithsonian archives by biochemist Dr. Michael D. Swords. The 1966 letter, addressed to former Robertson Panel Secretary Frederick C. Durant, confides that Page "helped organize the CBS TV show around the Robertson Panel conclusions". For those who don't know the background, the Robertson Panel was commissioned by the CIA in 1952 to look into UFOs and among others recommended that the mass media be used for UFO "debunking" via a public relations campaign, using psychologists familiar with mass psychology, astronomers and assorted celebrities to significantly reduce public interest in UFOs. Page's letter indicates that it was still putting a negative spin on UFO news at least 13 years after the panel met.

[todo: Elaborate upon the 1952 - 1953 period, which many UFO researchers consider pivotal to understanding the nature of US government's response to UFO. Also elaborate on the series of events which led to the 1966 closed-doors Congressional hearings, the 1967-1968 Univ.Colorado / Condon Report whitewash fiasco and the 1968 Congressional hearings. Include 1/ 1974 clip of Dr Hynek commenting on Robertson Panel debunking the Newhouse 1952 film, 2/ letter by Dr. Thornton Page describing what the Robertson Panel was tasked with 3/ Project Blue Book Special Report No.14 by Battelle Memorial Institute 4/ "Pentacle" memo]

Fun facts: In an attempt to explain the Hillsdale MI 1966 sighting, astronomer Dr J.Allen Hynek (in USAF's Project BlueBook payroll at the time) came up with the infamous "swamp gas" explanation, which remains to this day a national joke in USA. The memorable quotes of the 1997 comedy movie "Men in black", include "The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus." mocking some of the official explanations offered to explain away puzzling UFO sightings: balloons, temperature inversions, marsh gas. Other funny hard-to-believe ideas have included 'pelicans' (see Skeptics, pelicanists and Prozac explanations) and even 'female flying dolphins' (believe it or not). Jokes aside, the debunking of the Portage County 17-Apr-1966 case (when Ohio cops chased a UFO for over an hour, into Pennsylvania) as the planet Venus by Maj. Hector Quintanilla (head of USAF's project Blue Book at the time), had a devastating effect on the carreers and family lives of the cops involved. The Portage incident was recently re-investigated by archaeologist Michel Nelson.

Recent UFO documentaries by independent film-makers who have shown a genuine interest in the UFO enigma and actually know something about the subject. Though perhaps less impressive than big budget primetime mainstream television features on UFOs, the methodology, knowledge and intellectual honesty make these documentaries stand out above many bigger budget efforts.

  • 2007 the 5-Year Anniversary Edition of "OUT OF THE BLUE: The definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon" by US producer James Fox.
  • 2008 "Best Evidence: Top ten UFO sightings" by Canadian film-maker Paul Kimball, looks into 10 compelling UFO incidents, as voted by UFO researchers. Full video: vimeo. Website: bestevidence.blogspot.com

    Unexplained sightings by NASA astronauts seem to be particularly popular among the general public. Most people have watched US astronaut Buzz Aldrin talk about the "UFO" which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the Moon. To UFO researchers however, the most compelling UFO case involving US astronauts in space, is the Skylab 1973 case:

  • Canadian film-maker Michael R. MacDonald "Shag Harbour 1967"
  • 2008 "UFOs: The secret history" by Canadian film-maker David Cherniack (who had his own sighting in 1959) offers the best review of the social history of the UFO phenomenon. (Note: Cherniack offers a set of 3 UFO-related DVDs at allinonefilms.com)
  • 2009 "I know what I saw" IKWIS (former working title was "Beyond the blue", as a sequel to "Out of the blue") by James Fox. Full video: youtube, also is available on DVD from iknowwhatisawthemovie.com

    The storyline is James Fox's personal journey for the truth. It revolves around the cases and testimonies presented at the highly acclaimed "UFO Close Encounters" press conference held at National Press Club Washington DC in Nov-2007 (note: you can watch the full 95 minutes long video of that event at our "testimonies" page). It also includes the Stephenville TX 2008 incidents, which enjoyed wide publicity in the US. First aired on HistoryChannel in Oct-2009. Watch on-line: youtube. [Note: By mid-2009 J.Fox had basically ran out of money and had to complete it ASAP, so it does have some rough edges].

  • 2011 "Secret Access: UFOs On The Record" is based on Leslie Kean's NYT bestseller "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record", which forms the basis of the History Channel special.
Latest doesn't equal greatest: Many people arrive at this webpage searching via Google/Yahoo/Bing for the "latest UFO documentary" probably assuming that the most recent ones should offer the best current understanding of the UFO phenomenon. However, since I have watched practically every UFO documentary produced since the 1950s, I'd like to point out that some of the more substantive UFO documentaries were produced in previous decades. One reason may be that in recent years, many UFO researchers have simply declined participating in UFO presentations on television, viewing them as (quote) "generally moronic and exploitative".

Select UFO video documentaries and witness testimonies (simply click the links to watch; Hint: for long-duration videos, keep in mind that you can click on the "progress bar" to skip and access any parts of a video).

  1. Out Of The Blue: The definitive investigation of the UFO phenomenon (2002, 2007) 90min. Watch (old 2002 edition) online GoogleVideo (1hr30min 353MB) or buy from amazon.

    One of the few documentaries which stresses the global character of the UFO phenomenon, by presenting UFO incidents from USA (Phoenix Lights 1997, Big Sur filming Vandenberg AFB 1964), Russia, Britain, France, Iran etc. Features interviews with former astronauts (Gordon Cooper and Dr Edgar Mitchell), military pilots, radar operators, scientists. Discusses UFO initiatives by former US presidents Carter, Ford and Clinton. Studies like the French COMETA Report. While it has some flaws, such as the inclusion of Col. Corso and references MJ12 lore, it is a decent introduction to the UFO subject. This documentary takes a "pro-UFO" constructive approach. Querying scientists about feasibility of interstellar travel, the probability of ET life in the universe, it examines the argument that some UFOs are alien craft, though it avoids stating that outright.

  2. UFOs it has begun (1976, 1979) 90min (originally "UFOs: Past, Present, and Future" - 1974). A legendary documentary, which has yet to be surpassed in its scope. It even spawned its own conspiracy theory (UFO landing at Holloman AFB and its occupants meeting with base personell). Get it from amazon, or watch it on-line at googlevideo, Youtube (playlist)

    Watch 10min extract covering 1) the sighting of a cigar UFO by pilots of an Eastern Airlines DC-3 on 24-Jul-1948 [wiki, ufologie] 2) the early 1947-1952 era of the UFO problem: Col.Coleman talks about USAF Project SIGN, its Top Secret "Estimate of the Situation" (1948) concluding that saucers were real and likely interplanetary craft and its rejection by USAF Chief of Staff Gen. H. Vandenberg and 3) Albert M. Chop, chief of the Pentagon's Air Force press desk talks about the "Washington DC UFO Merry go round" of Jul-1952 4) Dr Hynek on the Robertson panel debunking of the D.Newhouse 1952 and N.Mariana 1950 films as birds:

    Presented by Rod Serling and astronomer and UFO researcher Dr Jacques Vallee. Produced by Bob Emenegger, who in recent years has told the story that Pentagon was at the time considering releasing a film of a supposedly real UFO landing at Holloman AFB, as part of a "public education" campaign, but changed their minds at the last minute. A re-creation of such a UFO landing at Holloman AFB is included in this documentary, as a hypothetical event. [Note: Emenegger appeared with Paul Shartle at the 1988 "UFO coverup Live!" TV special (the infamous "strawberry icecream" UFO show), hosted by Farrell. Paul Shartle, who was the audio-visual director of Norton AFB, affirmed that he saw the authentic Holloman AFB UFO landing footage.]

    Context: By the 1970s, astronomers Drs Vallee and Hynek (who had worked closely together for some time) were leaning away from the ETH (Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis) of UFOs being "nuts and bolts" craft, to the even more exotic "interdimensional" / "paranormal" ideas about the UFO phenomenon. This documentary includes some rather fanciful stories (telepathic "channelling", "automatic writing" and memories recovered under hypnosis of abduction and contact with a benevolent blonde human-looking "Nordic"-type robed UFO occupant). The strongest points of this documentary are its comprehensive coverage of the 1973 Coyne helicopter incident and the sinister "animal mutilation and exsanguination" phenomenon (which was actually at a peak in the mid-1970s). Also interesting are Col. Coleman's presentation of USAF's early (1947-1952) look into the UFO problem, as well as a panel discussion with astronomer Dr Hynek (scientific consultant to USAF Project Bluebook for 20 years) and USAF Colonels Robert J. Friend and Hector Quintanilla (who both served as heads of Bluebook from the mid-1950s until its closure in 1969).

  3. Pilot UFO sightings (44min) (amazon, googlevideo, youtube) Examines several pilot-UFO cases, both classic and less known ones. It is presented by retired NASA scientist Dr.R.Haines, who has been researching UFO sightings by pilots for 30 years and in 2000 established NARCAP. Its weakness is the (by today's standards) not-so-spectacular special effects / artist re-creations of the cases. You'll need some background in the UFO subject to appreciate this video, I think some people will find parts of it boring. If so, you can skip to 34'15" to 36'10" to hear Dr.Haines summarize.


    Note: Among the UFO cases presented in this documentary, is the one by flight Japan Airlines JAL-1628 over Alaska in 1986. The Japanese pilot Captain Terauchi lost his flying status for reporting the incident to the public, but 15 years later, the story was corroborated by John Callahan, retired Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA. According to Callahan, his boss FAA administrator Admiral Donald D. Engen briefed members of President Reagan's Scientific Study Team, the FBI and the CIA in Washington, D.C. We know the details today because Callahan attended the secret meeting and saved all audio and video evidence of the event. Watch his testimony at Disclosure Project's Press Conference in 2001:

  4. ABC's Special - "Peter Jennings Reporting - UFOs: Seeing is believing" Feb-2005 (90min). Available from amazon. Watch online Youtube video extracts from Peter Jennings' UFO Special: part1, part2, part3.

    The first half of the show features several compelling UFO cases (e.g. Phoenix AZ 1997, Minot AFB 1968, Illinois 2000) with accurate CGI recreations, interviews with eyewitnesses incl. military pilots and cops. It also notes USAF Blue Book's policy of explaining away UFO sightings. The second half of the show devotes a significant portion to UFO skeptics, who categorically reject any and all eyewitness testimony, talk about the difficulties of interstellar travel and look for signs of ETI with radio-telescopes (SETI). Back to UFOs, the lore around the Roswell incident of Jul-1947 (alleged UFO crash) is dismissed as "myth with no credible witnesses" and UFO researchers involved with the Roswell case are smeared as "promoters" who are into it just for the money. Finally it deals with the "UFO/alien abduction" phenomenon which is attributed to sleep disorders.

    Perhaps not suprisingly, Jennings was criticized by both UFO proponents and skeptics: reviews, Friedman, Greer, Dolan and Haisch on ABC's UFO Special (.PDF). Others were more positive, e.g. Twitchell and J.Clark.

  5. "Where Are All the UFOs?" (1996) 120min amazon. A documentary on the "myth" of UFOs and phenomena such as alien abductions, crop circles. If you're interested in the social history of the UFO phenomenon, it does spend time on the "lunatic fringe" of the UFO subculture, such as the 1950s "contactees" (people who claimed to be in contact with benevolent "space brothers" and go on trips to remote worlds).

    It does have several good segments, such as the coverage of the Washington DC 1952 UFO wave (presented by Dr M.Swords), the Trindade Brazil 1958 photographic case, as well as an in-depth examination of the famous "Roswell UFO Crash" (which was in focus in mid-1990s). Extract on Roswell:

  6. "Oz Encounters: UFO's in Australia" (1997). Extract on incident at Gosford, New South Wales, Dec-1995 - multiple witnesses, calls to police:
  7. "UFOs - und es gibt sie doch!" (1994) [in German language] by Heinz Rohde.
  8. "Investigation: Ovnis Quand l armee_enquete"youtube by Canal+ [in French language].
  9. "Britain's Closest Encounters" (2008): Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3. Originally aired on Channel 5 Television (UK). A parade of british UFO skeptics.

    "British UFO Files" (GoogleVideo 47min 356MB), a so-so documentary. If you can overcome the hurdle of the sensationalistic spooky music and narration in the beginning, it offers several interesting bits of info lateron, e.g. a 1952 sighting when 2 British pilots (RAF pilot Michael Swiney and his Royal Navy student David Crofts who saw 3 flying saucers in formation with ground radar confirmation, on the 15'-21'). Physical landing trace case in 1952 with round scorch-marks left in the ground. Interest expressed by the Duke of Edinburgh and Earl Mountbatten was covered. And ofcourse the classic Bentwaters-Rendlesham case of 1980.

  10. NBC's "Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us?" (1999). So-so, spooky music and narration, with a few interesting bits and pieces. 1hr30min 850MB
    Extract on the UFO sighting by multiple policemen at Trumbull County, Ohio (note: water connection) - part1 part2:
  11. "UFO Cover-Up? Live!" (1988). On 14-Oct-1988, actor Mike Farrell (M.A.S.H.) hosted "U.S. UFO Cover-Up: Live!" a highly hyped two-hour prime-time syndicated television special that was broadcast in North America and elsewhere. In UFO research circles, it is also jokingly known as the "strawberry ice cream show" in reference to one anonymous informant's remark near the end of the show, that a supposedly captured alien "enjoyed strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music" (!!!). It had several good segments, yet many UFO researchers have criticized it, because in addition to mixing credible witnesses with wild claims by the anonymous "Falcon" and "Condor" this show also solicited UFO sighting reports by its viewers, presumably received many, yet no UFO researcher (incl. those who appeared on the show) has ever seen a single one of those reports. (Note: in later years, UFO researcher R.Hastings has argued that "Condor" and "Falcon" were in fact USAF Sgt. Richard C. Doty and Capt. Robert M. Collins respectively, implicated in disinformation activities against UFO researchers, incl. the Bennewitz affair, feeding Linda Moulton-Howe with Project Serpo story and authors of the book "Exempt from Disclosure" (2006). In a recent podcast [Bishop 20100815] Bob Emenegger affirmed that Doty and Collins were involved. For those who don't know the background, Doty was a USAF counterintelligence agent who spent eight years with the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) at Kirtland AFB, NM; Collins is a retired Air Force intelligence officer formerly with the Foreign Technology Division; do a Google search for all the details)

    Among the stronger parts of the show were the appearance of Col. USAF Coleman (who discusses his own UFO sighting of chasing a saucer-shaped UFO, which he describes as a disk of 75ft diameter and 15ft thick at the center, back in 1955) and Col. Friend (who describes his experience heading USAF Project BlueBook in the 1960s):

    Another interesting part is the appearance of Robert Emenegger (who produced the "UFOs it has begun" 1976 documentary) with Paul Shartle. The latter was the audio-visual director of Norton Air Force Base and claims that he actually saw the authentic footage of a UFO landing at Holloman AFB:

    "I saw footage of three disc-shaped craft. One of the craft landed and two of them went away. It appeared to be in trouble because it oscillated all the way down to the ground. However, it did land on three pods. A sliding door opened, a ramp was extended, and out came three aliens. They were human size. They had odd gray complexions and a pronounced nose. They wore tight-fitting jump suits, thin headdresses that appeared to be communications devices, and in their hands they held a translator, I was told. The Holloman base commander and other Air Force officers went out to meet them."
    There was a segment dealing with the Gulf Breeze, Florida 1987 wave of sightings (incl the controversial Ed Walters photos). Among many other guests, William Moore and Jamie Shandera discuss the "Majestic 12" documents, and introduced their sources "Falcon" and "Condor", allegedly high-level government intelligence officials. Interviewed in shadow and with masked voices, Falcon and Condor disclosed information about the U.S. government's involvement in UFOs and alien interaction, UFO crashes and occupant retrievals, and alien biology.

    Watch: youtube, anomalies.net

  12. Classic 1956 movie "U.F.O.". Clips include several important interviews: Nick Mariana UFO Footage - Great Falls, Montana 1950, Delbert Newhouse UFO Footage - Tremonton, Utah 1952. Blog ufothemovie.blogspot.com by Robert Barrow.
  13. UFO documentary reviews by Steve Johnson (!!!LONG AND HEAVY PAGE with many inline images!!!). Extensive summaries of several UFO video documentaries, some already linked here (if you want to get a quick overview before watching them)
  14. List of UFO and Ancient Astronaut documentaries / movies / TV reports (1950-2010) by Giuliano Marincovic

Documentaries focusing on specific UFO cases:

  1. NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries: UFOs" Vol 1-4 4xDVDs (Amazon or get from ED2K P2P). Other than the fact of spooky "Twilight Zone"-type background and that a couple of all the cases have later been discounted, it's quite decent. Covers UFO sightings (Belgian UFO flap 1989-1990, Phoenix Lights 1997 etc), alien abduction cases (Allagash, Travis Walton), crop circles etc. Features UFO segments, complete with re-creations of each incident by actors, many interviews with the witnesses and UFO researchers and occasional interviews with UFO skeptics. Overall a nicely put together and professionaly produced collection.
    Sample on the Belgian UFO wave 1989-1990:

    Note: In an event at National Press Club at Washington DC in Nov-2007 organized by CFI, retired Belgian Airforce MajGeneral De Brouwer recounts the events of 1991: statement (PDF), video
  2. "It Came From Heaven" Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, Canada Dec-1996 (2006) - googlevideo. In December of 1996 approximately 30 people claimed to have witnessed a giant UFO along a 340 km stretch of highway in Yukon. The case is presented by UFO researcher Martin Jasek, who investigated the reports. This documentary features several witnesses discussing their experiences on that evening. It also discusses the aboriginal historical perspective on the UFO phenomenon in Yukon with a local Elder. More about this case: ufobc.
  3. "The edge of reality: Illinois 5-Jan-2000" Produced by independent film-maker Darryl Barker. The incident was covered briefly (5min) in Peter Jennings' 2005 ABC Special (see video extract earlier on this page). This documentary goes into much more detail. more on Illinois UFO case @ dbakertv
  4. "UFO over Illinois" imdb aired on Discovery Channel. googlevideo youtube [todo: check @ 40:30 - Dr Cornet UFO footage of 24-Apr-1997 11:30PM the "sweeping" motion of "beams"]
  5. The very interesting case of an "acorn"-shaped (egg-shaped, with an annular band around the bottom) UFO crashing in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania USA on 9-Dec-1965, has been drawing some attention in recent years. Considerable work has been done by UFO researcher Stan Gordon. In late 2007, NASA agreed to search for records after being ordered by a court, after a lawsuit by "Coalition for Freedom of Info" organization.

    Watch Kecksburg UFO: new evidence (1hr28min), Kecksburg Exposed.wmv "the new Roswell", documentary by SciFi channel (221 MB 1hr30min)

  6. UFO Invasion - Rendlesham.wmv about the landmark case of UFOs visiting the nuclear-armed US military base at Bentwaters (Rendlesham forest) Suffolk, UK. UFO activity for several nights, then UFO landing near the base on 27-Dec-1980. The UFO(s) seen at close-range by base personell (base deputy commander, 4 airmen) and even touched by security police officer: a smallish triangular/pyramid UFO 3m (9ft) per side, 2.5m (8ft) high; craft skin smooth like black glass; "hieroglyphic" symbols engraved on left front (see Penniston testimony at 27'-33'). Documentary by SciFi channel (220 MB) 1hr30min (2003)

    Larry P. Warren UFO Connection - The Woobridge / Rendlesham forest UFO Incident - Bentwaters. At the age of 19, he was member of the US Air Force Security Police stationed at the base in 1980 and a first-hand witness of the incident. Others witnesses of the case have speculated that Larry had been given Sodium Pentothal and "worked on" by the OSI (Office of Special Investigations).

  7. Shag Harbour 1967 Incident (Noca Scotia, Canada), sometimes called "Canadian Roswell". Long and detailed investigation by researcher Chris Styles has uncovered several witnesses and impressive official documentation for this little known event. An interesting perspective is given by journalist Ray Maclead who covered the story back in 1967 in his blog-posts "That damn UFO and me": part-1 and part-2

    Documentaries by Michael R. MacDonald's "The Shag Harbour UFO Incident" (2000) and recently History Channel's UFO Files episode: youtube

  8. Hessdalen Norway UFO / UAP Hotspot - "PORTALEN" transl. "The Portal" (2008) - youtube
  9. Westall Australia UFO landing 1966 (2010) - youtube
  10. UFO at Voronezh, SE Russia, 27-Sep-1989. UFO landing in a park, occupants reportedly seen by tens of witnesses. This story has been put in doubt by Boris Shurinov in his book "Les Ovnis en Russie". (note: very poor video quality)
  11. Roswell incident related:
    • The Roswell Incident, older documentary from Channel 4 in Britain shown in 1994, about the crash of a UFO in Roswell New Mexico in July-1947. Many interesting witness testimonies (Marcel Jr, Glenn Dennis the town's mortician) and some testimonies which have later been discounted (Frank Kaufman's and hoaxer Ray Santilli). At the end, includes complete footage of the fake Ray Santilli "Roswell Alien Autopsy" black-and-white video. (GoogleVideo 1hr4min 223MB)
  12. Second part of "Secret NASA transmissions - The smoking gun" featuring footage by Martin Stubbs (a former cable TV station manager from Vancouver in Canada who, over a period of 5 years, used his station's satellite array to record on videotape over 2,500 hours of Space Shuttle transmissions via NASA's downlink. Since 11-Mar-2000, when some of Martin's footage was released in public, there has been considerable debate as to the origin and makeup of the phenomena seen in the footage.) You can watch the complete 1hr30min version of "Secret NASA transmissions - The smoking gun".

Assorted stuff:

  1. "Riddle in the Skies" series by british Discovery Channel: Series #1, Series #2, Series #3
  2. Compilation of UFO Video Footage and Testimony GoogleVideo (1hr 35min 329MB). Privately-(home)-produced. No speaking at all, just 60 minutes of raw UFO footage (from a selection of over 200 clips) and 35 minutes of witness testimony. With 80's music in the background. Same in more (2hr28min) of the same (but first one is better).
  3. The Disclosure Project Witness Testimony (2001) Googlevideo (2hrs), part 1 of 2 (59min 230MB) and part 2 of 2 (1hr 240MB). Two hours long video distillation from 400hrs of raw video footage of dozens of retired USA intelligence, government and military persons testimonies on the subject of UFO and US government coverup. Quick text summary (.html) sample of such testimonies given in 1999-2000.

    Note: There were mixed responses from the UFO research community towards Dr. Greer's Disclosure Project. The main points of criticism were against Dr Greer himself and to a lesser degree, against a few of the Project's witnesses whose stories are impossible to verify.

    Also "The Disclosure Project 9-May-2001 National Press Club Conference" video (1hr56min), viewable online at GoogleVideo / YouTube where 21 former US military and government witnesses -in advanced years and most have passed away since- came forward to testify on the subject of UFOs; "to serve as catalyst for 'full, open Congressional hearings on the UFO/Extraterrestrial presence subject, including witness testimony with release from security oaths'" (NOTE: the NPCC video starts a bit "slow"/boring, you may want to fast-forward/skip the first 15min and go directly to Callahan-FAA-JAL1628 case)

    Watch individual testimonies, e.g. Commander US Navy Graham Bethune (2min):

    US Navy pilot Graham Bethune describes the encounter with a huge 300ft discoid UFO in 1951 on the way back from a classified mission to Iceland: "We had 31 people on board and a psychiatrist, we all witnessed it". NPCC 2001 (Googlevideo), more detail (2min) (Youtube). [story and drawings, more]

  4. History Channel has produced many broadcasts on UFOs, such as the series "UFO Files" and recently the "UFO Hunters" (which has been criticized by UFO researchers for being superficial). Evidently HC has an extensive library of UFO-related video footage and witness testimonies, which they mix-and-match as needed. Quality varies greatly, some episodes are pretty solid, other episodes are a waste of time. The "UFO Files" series consisted of about 50 episodes (torrent). The "UFO Hunters" series was produced for 3 seasons (until the 2008/2009 season).

    Some of the better episodes are:

    1. "Black box UFO sightings" UFO sightings by pilots, with real audios of communication between pilots and control tower GoogleVideo (43min)
    2. "UFOs Then and Now. Cause for Alarm?" (Washington DC 1952, Flight 564, Shag Harbour incident etc)
    3. Deep Sea UFOs (Shag Harbor)
  5. Discovery Channel series: "World's strangest UFO stories"
  6. Dr Ted Loder (Professor of Earth Sciences at the Univ. of New Hampshire) testimony on technologies being kept secret part 1, part 2, part 3. He tells the story of how he got involved with UFOs, after hearing the revelations of his first cousin Stephen Lovekin. (Note: The claim is that S.Lovekin served in WHASA -White House Army Signalling Agency which provided crypto secure communications and went everywhere it was needed, e.g. the White House basement, Camp David, Mount Weather- and was briefed about the Roswell UFO/ET while serving under President Eisenhower. Investigator K.Randle has been unable to verify the position and rank of S.Lovekin)
  7. "Fastwalkers - Ufo and Alien Disclosure 2006" (src: youtube) Dec-2006 1hr37min. Documentary consisting entirely of interviews with UFO researchers, whistle-blowers, witnesses, "experiencers" / "contactees" etc. Some testimonies have an "esoteric" / "spiritualistic" bend, some are interesting, but several ones questionable and with inaccuracies (e.g. a testimony claiming $1.7trillion/yr US black-budget?! a more realistic estimate would be $25-50bn/yr) and a lot of pretty "far out stuff" which I don't know what to make of... Other sources: buy DVD, or torrent.
  8. "UFO - The Best Evidence Ever caught on tape Part 2" documentary. Various (not particularly close-up / great detail) video footage of the 1990s from US, NASA, Mexico, China, Germany, Israel etc. Technical commentary by Bruce Maccabee and a special-effects (FX) guy. (174MB 44min)
  9. Hon. Paul Hellyer At Exopolitics Conference (Toronto, 25-Sep-2005) Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defense Minister (period 1963-1967) endorses the validity of LtCol Philip J Corso's Book "They Day After Roswell", which states that an extraterrestrial "flying saucer" crashed in 1947 in New Mexico and that in the early 1960s he, Corso, distributed debris to US companies for reverse-engineering. (GoogleVideo 31min 109MB). Personally I find it hard to believe all of Col.Corso's claims.
  10. UFOs: 50 years of denial? 44min (1997) video documentary, by the same people who later produced the "Out of the Blue" UFO documentary in 2002. Brief and concise introduction. Some new sighting stories, UFO raw footage, eye-witness testimonies etc. Features astronaut Dr.Mitchell, LtCol.Corso, Marcel on Roswell UFO crash and Robert Dean on the SHAPE/NATO Assessment on UFOs/ETs. Attempts to answer the question of how religion(s) and such beliefs would be affected if the existance of extra-terrestrial visitation (ETV) is acknowledged by officialdom. ED2K P2P src
  11. UFO - Silently breaks up in several parts Silently breaks up in several parts (effect reminds of Colonel Halt's description of Rendlesham incident "like dripping molten metal") 2.5min
  12. Retired USAF LtCol Wendelle Stevens (Foreign Technology Command of Air Materiel Command), who reportedly was involved in a UFO monitoring project in the Arctic in 1946-1949. By exchanging UFO pictures, he has compiled the largest library of UFO images, over 4000 pictures (how many authentic?). A controversial figure in UFO field, who has embraced the Billy Meier (Switzerland) "contactee" case, which most UFO researchers consider a hoax. He has also privately published books with several other "contactee" stories. Interviews: 1999, older video interview (7min, 18MB) Video is very poor quality. Talks about USAF monitoring operations of UFOs over the Arctic in 1947-1949 using B-29s specially equipped with photo and video equipment, as well as radiation detectors, magnetic detectors, and RF emission scanners. Earlier video interview by the same.

    Makes some extraordinary statements, that their project photographed 2-3 UFOs every month in the Arctic, while he was there. More in his interview (2003) .html with "far-out" stuff...

  13. "UFO The Greatest Story Ever Denied" (1hr34min) or buy DVD from official website. A lot of duplication as it includes in verbatim many testimonies from DisclosureProject (see above), but also some unique/interesting bits and pieces.

    Extract with testimonies on NASA airbrushing structures ("alien bases") on moon:
  14. Billion Dollar Secret.wmv mediocre documentary about US' "black-projects" taking about $40bn/year. Includes interview with researcher Boyd Bushman, who is either joking with Cook or has gone senile, as he demonstrates the Lenz effect and Eddy currents as some form of anti-gravity. Covers black-project planes like the alleged "Aurora" etc. Tackles the UFO issue in connection with US military black projects (wrongly IMHO). Discovery Channel by Nick Cook, the Aviation Editor of Janes Weekly (Defense industry magazine) (116 MB 46min)
  15. UFOs The Secret Evidence (Oct-2005) another mediocre production with Nick Cook. It seems to imply that many UFO sightings were secret US military aircraft, like U2 (!!!) and CIA kept the "myth" going as a disinformation campaign as a smokescreen for the Soviets. His reasoning suggests that US government encouraged a "UFO craze" in US, among its citizens, but targeting Russians so they "wouldn't see classified US technology but a vehicle of outer space" (referring to the U2 times! how anyone could mistake a U2/SR71 or even F117/B2/etc for a flying saucer is beyond me!). Facts and animations are often totally wrong e.g. in the Zamora case it depicts a flying saucer instead of the ovoid (egg-shaped) craft it actually was (on the other hand e.g. Unsolved Mysteries mentioned earlier had a remarkably accurate re-creation). Still the video has a handful of interesting parts, bits of info here and there and a short interview with abductee Travis Walton. My conclusion is "to a kid with a hammer everything looks like a nail". (1hr41min 352MB)
  16. http://www.areadownload.com/video/ufo.htm a collection of short-medium duration UFO video footage, some interesting/authentic, some obviously not
  17. Various assorted videos pending review:

As a final note, when watching any documentary (considering the abovementioned ones are some of the "better" ones), keep in mind the points made by producer Carol Rainey:

UFO documentaries and why they stink

"I often read here of people's great disappointment after a UFO documentary is aired - and their often justifiable sense that they, as vitally interested explorers in the realm, and also the participants featured in the show, were somehow duped. As a producer/director of 30 documentaries, most broadcast on PBS and cable networks, I wouldn't disagree with those feelings most of the time. The shows that have aired over the past decade are usually banal and simplified, reworking cases mined to death, and, by the end of an hour or two hours, the producers simply haven't done more than touch the tip of the submerged mystery. And that's a description of the 'good ones'!"

Forgive me for stating what may be obvious to some of you, but not apparent to others: television and film are inherently reductionist media. They don't do detail, make subtle distinctions, or usually address well the concerns of an informed subculture, like the Listserve. If you want that, read a good book on the topic, footnotes and all. Visual media's great for the gestalt of the thing, the feel, tone, and just a taste of whatever the subject is." -- src -- producer Carol Rainey Apr-2007
Therefore, if you are really interested in learning more about the UFO phenomenon, you should read in-depth material such as my UFO Quick Technical Overview: what we think we know about UFOs or the books in the docs and research sites in resources pages. You are welcome to subscribe (free) to the  UFO Updates RSS feed. If you enjoyed this page, you are welcome to link to it from your Website or Blog, or add it to "social bookmarking" services so others can find it too.

Summary: This page features selected UFO sighting raw footage -without narration- in links below, in addition to some "featured" videos in the right side. (Please visit our video documentaries page for some of the better UFO documentaries, with footage, testimonies and commentary).

Disclaimer: Video compressed-for-web format (in free services like Youtube, Googlevideo etc) is obviously not anywhere near the quality of the originals. Also, with modern computer-aided video editing capabilities (e.g. see the Australian UFO Wave 2006 Hoax by Chris Kenworthy -only 2 of the 31 videos are real, can you tell which?- funded by Australian Film Commission) it is impossible to be absolutely certain of the authenticity of ANY video/photo, unless one shoots it himself and participates in its development. Having said that, many videos do check well with hundreds of witness descriptions going back many decades.

Parenthesis: (we add it here, because hardly anyone RTFM, i.e. read the technical overview page) Why do UFOs appear self-luminous and parts of it blurry? (witness expressions used to describe the optical effect: "surrounded by a haze" / like heat haze shimmering effect / "wavy -like 'heat waves' on a road in the desert sun" / "in a mist" / "glimmer"). NASA/NACA aeronautical research engineer Paul Hill in his book "Unconventional Flying Objects" wrote:

"The phenomenon of ionized and excited atmospheric molecules around a UFO also ties together a number of related mysteries about the UFO. It accounts for the general nighttime appearance of the UFO: the many observed colors, the fiery, neon-like look, the self-illuminating character, the fuzzy, indefinite or even indiscernible outline, yet an appearance of solidity behind the light. In the daytime the same plasma is present, but usually invisible. Morning and evening, it is partly visible. The ion sheath also accounts for some daytime UFO characteristics such as a shimmering haze, nebulosity of the atmosphere or even smoke-like effects sometimes observed. The absorption characteristics of the plasma can also partly account for the daytime hazy or smoky appearance of the atmosphere around the UFO. When the surrounding illumination is brighter than the plasma, the plasma absorption may be greater than its emission, making it look darker or hazy."
Read info on UFO illumination and performance (extract from the book). Also Hal Puthoff's (PhD, theoretical physicist) review of Hill's book.

Having offered a basic background, here are some videos of UFOs, organised according to type of sighting (daylight, night etc) and type of craft:

  • Aircraft-UFO encounters
    • Daylight UFO pacing / "inspecting" a Concorde GoogleVideo, YouTube (annoying music), mpg. This film was reportedly taken in June 1976 during one of Concorde's test flights over southern England. The video depicts a probe type object, which moves in a "U" maneuver: descending from above the Concorde to below it and then back up again in front of the Concorde's fuselage. The object swings around the Concorde while it is travelling horizontally and at great speed.
    • Police Helicopter UFO Video Brighton Kent, UK 17-May-2003 (Youtube) Filmed at night-time with infra-red camera. The UFO looks like an opaque cylinder of unknown size flying horizontally. In infra-red, the image shows the interference pattern of radiant heat to the rear of its direction of progress. It was spotted travelling across the coast and was followed for about 10 miles.
    • Long Beach, CA USA - 25-Dec-2004 - Police helicopter FLIR footage Youtube. Notice the strange "like dripping molten metal" effect, encountered quite often.
    • Filmed by Soviet pilot: F-16 and Soviet MIG were flying "friendly" next to eachother, when a UFO appears GoogleVideo or YouTube. Reportedly declassified from the secret UFO files of former U.S.S.R. (note: voice in the video is Roger Moore, a/k/a "James Bond 007") [note: questionable authenticity, the clip is from "The secret KGB UFO files" production which included fakes such as the "alien autopsy"]
  • Daylight sightings a/k/a DD
    • Blurry domed disk over Mexico City (11sec) by Guillermo Arreguin 11-Jul-1991 (Mexico City).
    • Puebla, Mexico, 1991 Efrain Breton
    • Mexico City, Mexico March 1998
    • Domed disk over Mexico City 2006 (2min)
    • Colorado 1963 - footage shot by an unknown cameraman in Colorado, USA
    • Rhode Island 1967 - cigar shaped UFO
    • FAKE Mexico City UFO 6-Aug-1997, domed disk, Duration: 50sec. ufoevidence, youtube, mexufo.html. Most probably a computer-generated hoax, but interesting to see the "wobble" effect eye-witnesses describe. Researchers dispute its authenticity (src).
      The "rocking motion"/"wobbling"/"tipping to the right and left" of the flying saucer above, is similar with completely independent sightings, e.g. a similar craft seen by the Kalicki family in BC, Canada on 25-Aug-2005: story and video of family describing their sighting on TV.

  • Spherical/Drum/Egg-shaped/Ovoid

  • Orbs/Spheres of light (Hynek "nocturnal lights" a/k/a NL)
    • Daylight footage of odd-looking like "6" object (2002) (which seems like the one photographed in Italy in 2-Jul-2004) and its analysis
    • "Exploding" UFO which strange effect very much reminds of LtCol Halt's (Rendlesham forest case) comment "like dripping molten metal". Another related case of UFO ejecting luminous material is Sherman TX USA 8-Aug-1965
    • UFO - Night-time footage two spheres by ECETI UFO-fans
  • UFO Fleets
    • San Luis Potosi, 24-Jun-2005
    • Arturo Robles Gil: 28-Jan-2005, 27-Feb-2005, sample, sample2 2006
    • Original Mexico UFO videoclips (.avi / .wmv)
    • Lima Peru 2007 ATV Channel news 21-May-2007
    • Santiago Chile 2007
    • Archway Islington London, UK 1-Feb-2007 src1 (better resolution) or youtube. Story: On 1-Feb-2007, John Zimmerman of Islington, London filmed a "fleet" of about 15 luminous objects flying over Archway, London while he was going out to the shops. It was witnessed by many pedestrians and drivers and the police recorded several phone calls about the event. His film was published on the Islington Gazette Website, as was a photograph by another witness. To watch a high resolution version of the video, and listen to the interview, please use the links below. WMV video (7BM), more from exopolitics.co.uk, IslingtonGazette articles: 2-Feb-2007, 7-Feb-2007, 9-Feb-2007.
    • Ballons? Seagulls? Geese? Judge for youself: Balloons, Birds, UFOs comparison, Geese vs. Mexico UFOs
  • The first "UFO Fleet" film was taken by Delbert Newhouse, Navy photographer, near Tremonton Utah on 2-Jul-1952. A famous film in UFO history. In recent years, UFO "Fleets" have been filmed on several occasions above Mexico (as in most things, unless one has some background, it's easy to dismiss UFO fleets as "sky lanterns" / "Thai lanterns" at night or baloons or birds etc):
  • Nellis UFO filmed in Nov-1994 at S-30, top-secret Nellis Test Range Nevada, USA. Filmed by tracking cameras, attached to ground-based targeting radars used in Red Flag (training of pilots and support crews in realistic air combat) exercises. Purpotedly smuggled out of the base by civilian contractor personell who operate the cameras. First shown on TV program "Hard Copy" on 15-Feb-1995. Notice the erratic maneuvers. The Nellis Range UFO video is virtually unique among those in the public domain in that an unidentified anomalous flying object was not only captured in close-up by a military camera, but also included overlaid tracking data and a time stamp, permitting precise calculation of the trajectory and flight characteristics, such as velocity and acceleration. In addition, the video also has voices of various military range operators discussing the object and trying to identify it without success. more
Other collections of UFO videos and pictures:

FWIW NASA video footage from Space Shuttle cameras of STS-48 / STS-80 missions, which is rather popular (shown on TV in many countries). Martin Stubbs is a former cable TV station manager from Vancouver in Canada who, over a period of 5 years, used his station's satellite array to record on videotape over 2,500 hours of Space Shuttle transmissions via NASA's downlink. Since 11-Mar-2000, when some of Martin's footage was released in public, there has been considerable debate as to the origin and makeup of anomalous objects seen within the footage. Many have dismissed NASA footage as space debris / ice particles. In favor of an anomalous explanation is Dr.Kasher's paper on STS-48 and this, in contrast to James Obergs's STS skeptical opinion. An interesting videoclip from STS-80 to watch, but IGNORE THE NARRATION "INFO" (e.g. "sucking energy from the electric thunderstorm" etc silliness):


You are welcome to subscribe (free) to the  UFO Updates RSS feed. If you enjoyed this page, you are welcome to link to it from your Website or Blog, or add it to "social bookmarking" services so others can find it too.   








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