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Published: 7:53 PM 10/24/2016


The UFO disappeared in the ocean for about half a mile...

By R. Siva Kumar

Strange footage of a metallic sphere hurtling through the sky, plunging into the ocean, re-emerging and then splitting into two was recently retrieved.

The video clip had been shot in Aguadillia, Puerto Rico, on April 25, 2013, but the video footage was released only recently by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower, says The Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU).

It was an object that was "monitored" by people in an aircraft from the US Customs and Border Protection.

"Assuming the video isn't a clever hoax - which is always a possibility these days - it's a fascinating piece of footage," commented Nick Pope, a UFO expert.

"About the only conventional explanation that might fit the bill is that this is some new drone, but the entry and exit from the sea and the apparent splitting in two of the object makes even this explanation seem unlikely."

It was first observed by the crew of an aircraft that saw the strange, pinkish, red light above the seas. As they had not been told about incoming traffic, they just radioed it in. The tower too had seen it, they learned.

Amazingly, the three-to-five-foot object raced at a speed of 40mph to 120mph. It then vanished into the ocean for half a mile, then resurfaced and got divided.

A spokesman for SCU said: "There is no explanation for an object of traveling under water at over 90mph with minimal impact as it enters the water, through the air at 120mph at low altitude through a residential area without navigational lights and finally to be capable of splitting into two separate objects."

SCU said they wanted to confirm the authenticity of the video before it could be released. The project also has six scientists investigating it.

Does Photo from Goodwick Show UFO?

UFO Depiction
Published: 8:30 PM 10/24/2016


I think anything’s possible...

Is this a UFO in the skies of Goodwick? Could this strange sight, seen in the skies above Goodwick last week, be a UFO?

A strange sight was seen in the skies above Goodwick last week, captured by local resident Raymond Putterill.

Mr Putterill, 83, decided to take some pictures of the sunrise from his house in New Road on Friday, October 21. He took some photos from downstairs and then a couple more from his bedroom at around 7.40 am.

Small holder Mr Putterrill then showed his efforts to his wife who noticed something odd in the upper right hand corner.

“It was a lovely sunrise so I decided to try and photograph it,” he said. “I initially thought there was an aeroplane in the shot. I enlarged the picture on my phone and up it came.

“My wife said ‘that’s not an aeroplane. She was amazed, everybody we’ve shown the picture to has been amazed. Asked if he believed in UFOs the pensioner replied “I do now”.

“I think anything’s possible. I don’t believe we are the only living things in the universe.”



UFO over Goodwick, UK

The Object Report BREAKING UFO PARANORMAL NEWS 24/7 Worldwide Full Disclosure

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NASA Photo Shows Apparent Mothership On Lunar’s Crater

October 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

An Apollo 15 photo sparks another theory of intelligent alien life on the Moon. It shows an alleged 10-kilometer long UFO mothership that appeared to be abandoned near the Waterman Crater. There’s speculation among UFO enthusiasts that the image had not been intended for release. They say that it is […]

UFO Seen Above Phoenix May Be Alien

October 28, 2016 // 0 Comments

A lot more people are now looking up in the sky after a strange night like Tuesday evening. The online world exploded with claims, pictures, and videos of a UFO sighting in the dark sky above East Valley. Some suggest it is a comet; others say it is a space […]

North Carolina UFO Sighting

October 26, 2016 // 2 Comments

Here one interesting video of a group of bright lights hovering above Surf City in North Carolina. Witness report: My wife and I were sitting out on our deck around 11PM on August 27, 2016. We noticed a group of orange, glowing orbs from the northeast about 10 feet above […]

Watch this UFO destroying a chemtrail over Paris, France

October 25, 2016 // 2 Comments

This interesting daytime footage was recorded over Paris, France on 28th September 2016. Witness report: I caught an extraordinary UFO sighting. I was watching an odd looking light crossing the sky at variable speeds around my house, during the sunset. To me it was just some sort of helicopter, or […]










A "UFO" is an unidentified flying object. Reports of these objects have been reported all over the world and throughout history. Crop Circles, Aliens and Cattle Mutilations have also been linked to UFO's.  At MUFON Canada we investigate these sightings with a professional and scientific approach.   

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Breaking UFO News

Pidcoke, Texas - 06-06-12

2012 - Pidcoke, Texas - 06-06-12 - A triangle-shaped craft was observed just to the south of Gatesville, Texas on June 6, 2012, at approximately 0525 hours.


I was traveling northbound on Highway 116 just north of the city of Pidcoke, when I spotted the object. I had observed the object as I entered the south side of Pidcoke a few minutes earlier.


At that point, I thought it was just an airplane. All I could see was a white light to the left side of the highway. I noticed the object moved to the right side of the highway.

As I barely passed the north side of Pidcoke, I saw the object much more clearly. It had moved back to the left side of the highway in a zig-zag motion. At that time, I realized this was not an airplane.

Kennington, London, England - 07-31-12
2012 - Kennington, London, England - 07-31-12 - The sighting occurred on Tuesday, July 31 at about 10.23 pm by my daughter Chenade Hosein.


I know this because she rang me as it was occurring, I told her to take pictures and they are the ones I forwarded to you.


This took place in Kennington which is in London, England. My daughter was waiting for her boyfriend to visit.

She looked outof her balcony to the street to see if he had arrived but he was not there. As she was looking this object caught her eye.

Hazelton, Pennsylvania - 08-23-11
2011 - Hazelton, Pennsylvania - 08-23-11 - I did not witness this, but am reporting what a family friend saw. I received the pictures and interviewed the friend in great detail to put the report together.


Our friend, about 15 minutes after experiencing the minor earthquake, went outside to look around and observed a black diamond-shaped object hovering or, moving very slowly in the sky.

Curious as to what the object was, the friend took a couple of pictures with a cell phone. Our friend isn't a great judge of distance, but believed the object was large and very high, probably at cloud level.

Manhattan, NYC - 09-17-11
2011 - Manhattan, NYC - 09-17-11 - The event occurred last Saturday 9-17-2011 in the early afternoon. I was taking digital photographs from the roof terrace of the new Museum located on Bowery in Manhattan's Lower East Side.


I was shooting a series of images of the downtown Manhattan skyline to get some pictures of the Freedom tower construction. Because I had no tripod I was shooting at a very fast exposure rate 1/500th of a second. In addition, I was shooting in continuous mode at a frame rate of about 4 Frames per second.


I took my pictures and left the location. Last night upon looking at the images, I noticed a diamond-shaped object moving very close to the horizon in four frames of my images.

Illinois - 11-01-10

2011 - Illinois - 11-01-10 - We were traveling north on I39 as we approached the Tonica exit, we noticed several objects, black against the evening sky, to the western horizon, presumed them to be helicopters, as we've seen a helicopter convoy through that area once before.

A few miles further on I had been watching this current convoy as far as we could before the terrain blocked them out. As we got off at the first LaSalle exit, heading north, I looked to the skies towards where the convoy would have been, and then an odd lighted object; higher, slightly closer, could be seen.Illinois - 11-01-10 I had my camera, and took a picture (picture 1) before losing sight of it as we descended into the valley. Did not see it anytime beyond that point in the daylight.Illinois - 11-01-10

Colorado - 01-06-10
2010 - Colorado - 01-06-10 - We were traveling from Manizales to Medellín, specifically between Caldas and Sabaneta, before Envigado, when we observed these flying objects which I cannot define.

At first, they appeared to be sitting in the sky, but then they began to move slowly. They also appeared to be spinning on their axes. We were able to take several photographs of the objects with a NIKON Coolpix L16 digital camera.

2010 - Canton, Georgia - 09-12-10 - 2205 hrs - I went outside to the back deck to put out the Tiki lights, when I looked towards the west, I noticed a strange, pulsating light in the western sky about 12 miles away.


I could just make out some color flickering about the white light. I waited a few minutes and it didn't seem to move, I then noticed a high flying commercial jet between my view and the object, the jet was a little higher.

I proceeded to go into the house to retrieve my binoculars and told my wife and daughter what I was seeing. They went to get the cameras, and began to take pictures to document what we were looking at.

Tenerife, Spain
2010 - Here is a picture of a UFO spotted on November 5, 2010, 11:08 AM in Acojeja, Tenerife, Spain. Photograph taken by Annelies Middel, the Netherlands. We heard no sound, while the object on the photo is relatively close by.

On Tenerife we hadn't heard any sound of planes that week. The little airport is too far away to hear that. You can see a straight line at the bottom of the object. It's a diagonal stripe pointing towards 2 o'clock, and it is attached to the main shape with another line, on both sides, symmetrically. It looks like a machine to me.

Idaho - 2010
2010 - Idaho - 11-27- My son-in-law and I were deer hunting near Placerville, Idaho, around 11:15 AM on November 27, 2010. It was a clear day with some cloud cover and about 38 degrees.


After hunting for awhile, I was getting bored and decided to snap a few pictures of the beautiful scenery.

At the time I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary (except no wildlife), however, when I got home and downloaded the pictures off my camera, a Canon Powershot A550 71, I noticed something that I hadn't seen with my own eyes on the picture!

2009 - Wichita, Kansas - Monday, February 9, 2009 - Reporter: Deb Farris, Email Address: deb.farris@kake.com


Wichita man was out taking pictures of construction sites for his job when he said he saw a low flying, black shiny object. He said heard a sound like a fan whirring. He looked up and saw the object drop down and streak past faster than anything he ever saw.

He told KAKE News he's lived in Wichita all of his life and knows aircraft. He has never seen anything like this one before. After urging from his wife, he sent the picture to a UFO expert who posted it on his website. Now the picture is getting international attention. source: www.kake.com

Guerilla Bay, Australia

2009 - Australia-Guerilla Bay - BY SALLY FOY-01-31-09 4:00 AM


A local photographer believes he has uncovered evidence of extraterrestrial life. Last Thursday night the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was taking photos of a storm at Burrewarra Point near Guerilla Bay. It wasn’t until later that he noticed something unusual.


“I downloaded my photos and this particular shot was extremely bright, so I dropped the brightness out of it and added some sharpness,” he said.


The local man said he was very excited with the results and took himself off to bed.



“I got back up a bit later and had another look before going back to bed. And then I got up again and had another look, it was only then that I realised there was something in the photo.” “I zoomed in and had a look, and what instantly caught my attention was the shape - it’s not in any other photos, and it’s not dust.”

Telford, UK

2009 - United Kingdom - Mystery surrounds an unidentified flying object spotted in the skies above Telford. Reader Robson Bolam sent us these pictures of a mystery object which he saw over Donnington. And he is at a loss as to explaining what it is he photographed. But Mr. Bolam is not the only person puzzling over something they have seen in the sky.


Mark Young, from Telford, told the Shropshire Star he noticed six or seven red and green lights above Clive Barracks at Tern Hill, near Market Drayton, as he drove along the A53 towards Market Drayton yesterday. He said he saw the lights at about 7pm and again an hour later when he returned.

Phil Hoyle, a member of the UFO Investigations and Research Unit based in Shrewsbury, said Donnington was one of the country’s top hot spots for sightings, and added: “This sounds like a definite sighting of a UFO.” source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/telford.html

South Somercotes, UK
2009 - South Somercotes, UK - January- By Gemma Gadd


Thursday 4 pm - Brian Lee, 55, was driving on Billings Gate road in South Somercotes at 4.30 pm on December 9 and stopped his car to take some pictures of a dramatic sunset on his mobile phone. It wasn't until he returned home and looked over the images that he discovered the strange object in one of them.


He said: "I looked at my phone and just saw this donut-shaped thing in the sky; I didn't know what to think it was."

source: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/windfarmdonutufo.jpg

2009 - South Harrow, UK - April 6 - A mysterious light in the skies above South Harrow has been captured on film by an amateur photographer. The unidentified flying object appeared through the clouds at about 7.45 PM, on March 31, and was snapped by computer network engineer Ahmad Zaigham.


Mr Zaigham posted the picture on website Flickr where he said that he had spotted the alien ship out his window.

He said: "The light coming from this thing is something I have never seen the like. I don't think any aircraft has a light like this. Photograph © Ahmad Zaigham-http://www.harrowobserver.co.uk

North Carolina - 03-05-09

2009 - North Carolina - On March 5, 2009, at approx. 6:45 am EST, on the way down the sidewalk going to my vehicle, a bright object captured our attention. The object was moving erratically in the sky, and was slightly larger than the planet Venus just after dark or just before dawn.


It was about 25 to 30 degrees in the morning sky about 6 to 10 miles away, and we were facing south. The digital camera we used was hand held and not on a tripod, as we were not expecting to capture anything that morning. The weather was clear, no cloud cover, no rain, perfect and cool.


The object, as stated earlier, moved erratically for a short time, then stopped and hovered for about 5 minutes. The photo numbered 705 is the picture of the object just hovering. Once stopped, we could tell that it was shaped circular like a doughnut with lights of every color around the outside of the craft with a solid center.



After hovering for 5 minutes or so, the object took off moving north relatively fast making no sound whatsoever.

2009 - This eerie and rather pretty UFO (photo below) was snapped in New York City by a resident on the 4th of July prior to festivities and reported to MUFON, America's main UFO reporting and research agency.


It is already well documented that aliens do take an interest in human celebrations and UFO sightings to tend to be more frequent at times of historical significance, for instance around the time of Obama Barack becoming President, when a definite spike in UFOs being reported was noticed by researchers.


The witness and photographer of this UFO noted that 'A couple hours before the annual 4th of July fireworks in New York City, I decided to take a few pictures of the area and noticed an odd shaped disc.


There was one higher in the sky and I took a picture of the lower one that is in full view. I did take many pictures of the objects but only two have the saucers in them. The pictures were taken with my digital camera. This case is under investigation by Mufon New York.'


Thanks to Ken Pfeifer a Mufon investigator in N.J. and Mufon for this story.

2009 - Italy - On the morning of October 30, 2009, at around 8:30, Mr. LM stood on the roof of his house in Tor San Lorenzo (Ardea, RM), he was cleaning his chimney, when he noticed directly above his house a dark, disc-shaped object in the sky.


The witness, then, realizing the incredible event he was involved in, rushed into the house, securing his digital camera (model KODAK EASYSHARE V803 DIGITAL CAMERA 8Mpx) and proceeded to the front garden.


Arriving in the garden, he quickly took a photograph of the object which was still stationary in the sky. He then changed his camera settings to the video mode, but the object disappeared without making a sound, or leaving a trace of its presence. Posted by UFO Casebook

Tennessee Photo   
Unknown Object Captured on Photographs in Nashville, Tennessee - 04-12-14

I was taking HDR photos from on top of the hotel. The photos were taken in raw format and when I processed the photos into HDR images this object came into view.

At first I thought it was a plane, as we do have an airport nearby, but the light reflection off the object did not change as the sun went down or as the object moved. This should not have happened.

Camera - Sony DSLR-A700

Cuba  Photo

Cuba, Island of Cayolargo del Sur - January 7, 2013, 18:27 local time

Dome shaped disk with kind of transparent upper part and lights on the lower part. It was partly metallic, and orange in color.

Calm weather, dark blue skies with some clouds. No other craft were seen in the sky at the time. There were no electromagnetic effects, and no missing time.

The object appeared on one of my serially taken pictures.

I did discover the object later, after examination of the pictures I have taken. Actually, at the time of taking pictures I was not paying much attention to the skies as my objective was trying out different camera applications.

Great Britain

Harmans Water, Great Britain - June, 2013 - Photo taken of two disc-shaped objects over Bracknell last Friday. Courtesy of Steve Lambert. Former MoD UFO expert rates photo taken over Harmans Water last Friday - A former Ministry of Defence (MoD) UFO expert says a photo of UFOs over Bracknell is "one of the best" he has seen.

Nick Pope, who worked at the Government's MoD for 21 years and investigated reports of UFO sightings from 1991 to 1994, last night commented on the photo taken over Harmans Water last Friday.

Nick said: "It's one of the best UFO photos I've seen for a while.

Basingstoke man Steve Lambert took the photo from the terrace in front of the Running Horse Pub, London Road, at around 8pm, after spotting the two discs in the sky.

Florida Photo

Cloaking Craft Photographed over Orlando, Florida - 01-24-14

While staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando I stepped onto the back porch to make a panoramic photo of the sunrise.

While taking a series of 3 photos I noticed a curving brighter line in the clouds. I assumed it was part of a contrail and paid no further attention until it came time to process the 3 photos into a panorama a day or two later.

After loading the 3 digital Olympus RAW file images into my computer and into Photoshop the bright curve caught my attention again. When I blew the image up to 1:1 pixel view I was astounded to see that my "contrail" was actually a sharply defined disc resting in the clouds about 15-20 degrees above the horizon.

The disc was tilted toward me, the top partially obscured by the clouds, but the bright edge of the disc very clearly visible.

UFO over Chile

The government office investigating UFOs in Chile has released an analysis of two high quality photos showing what appear be genuine unidentified flying objects above a remote copper mine.

Taken in late 2013; released in 2014

The office, known as the CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), is located within the Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), the equivalent of our FAA, under the jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force.

It is responsible for the analysis of selected reports of unexplained aerial phenomena in Chilean airspace, most of them from pilots and aviation personnel.

The photos were taken at the Collahuasi copper mine, more than 14,000 feet above sea level in the Andean plateau in the far north of Chile.

Castle in Netherland
May, 2013 - Literally faster than the eye could follow, an unusual object was accidentally photographed above the landmark Muiderslot Castle in the Netherlands.

On May 25, photographer Corinne Federer was with a group of people who visited the medieval castle built in 1285 near Amsterdam. Federer was shooting High Dynamic Range, or HDR, photos.

"In order to create HDR images, you take three or more exposures -- this one happened to be five -- and you shoot them all at the same time, because you then overlap the images and it gives you the full spectrum of light, which your camera can't capture but your eyes can," Federer told The Huffington Post in an exclusive interview.

Oregon Photo

2012 - Oregon - I have been flying for 40 years. I am also a certified A&P mechanic and an IA or inspector with over 25 years maintenance experience on planes like these.

The Albatross we have is used as a test bed for Satellite broadband internet. We are one of the few companies in the world that has airborne satellite systems for high-speed internet.

The plane is full of sophisticated equipment for this purpose, as it is the original test bed for this.

I have better than 20/20 vision, and I usually can spot any single helium balloon of 15" diameter from a great distance and I am trained to do so. I see them all the time.

That being said, the object was literally a blur and I didn’t see it as it was moving in the same direction as the plane. The order of the pictures attached here is the series of the 3 that I took with my iphone as I was just trying to get a shot of "Sisters" and Mount Jefferson in the Bend area.

As for the pictures, they cannot be a balloon cluster as this thing passed us!

1966 - Provo, Utah. The pilot of a twin engine C-47 "Skytrain" transport aircraft of the USAF captured this red object on photograph in July, 1966, at 11:00 AM.

The aircraft was flying over the Rocky Mountains, at about 40 kilometers southwest of Provo, Utah.

The Condon commission, which concluded that UFOs are not worthy of scientific investigations, did analyze the negative at the time and concluded that the photograph shows an ordinary object thrown in the air.

Exhaustive investigation of the photograph concluded the UFO in the photograph is a real object.

1965 - Tulsa, Oklahoma. A large wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1965 in the U.S. From coast to coast, strange low flying objects were reported almost nightly by people of all ages and walks of life.

As the year progressed, the number of reports rose dramatically. On the night of August 2, 1965, thousands of people in 4 midwestern states witnessed spectacular aerial displays by large formations of UFOs.

That same night a multi-colored disc was photographed in Tulsa while several persons watched it perform low altitude maneuvers.

This picture was extensively analyzed, pronounced authentic, and later published by Life magazine and many newspapers. Some UFO researchers believe this to be a hoaxed photograph, using a Christmas tree ornament.

1961 - Taiwan - Taken by Wang Shi-lin in 1961 in Taitung City, this is the first known photograph of a UFO in Taiwan. Photo courtesy of TUFOA.

According to UFO investigator Ho Hsien-jung there have been 15 recorded sightings where photographic evidence suggests that extraterrestrial objects have traversed the skies above Taiwan. The earliest of these pictures was taken in Taitung City (¥xªF¥«) in 1961. UFO photographs date to 1911 in China proper.


1960 - Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is one of those "hard to be sure" images. It was taken on October 20 of 1960, and seems to show a large oval light source. No object is actually seen, but then again... where there's smoke, there's fire.

The object seems to be moving from left to right, as you can see a trail of some type to its right in the full size image.

1960 - Yacanto, Cordoba, Argentina. July 3. This photograph was taken by Hugo F. Niotti, then a captain of the AAF. On July 3, 1960, Niotti was driving from Yacanto toward Cordoba. At approximately 4:30 PM, he was in the area of Villa General Belgrano, about 70 Km from the city of Cordoba.

He suddenly noticed a rather close and unusual object hovering near the ground to the right of the road. He grabbed his camera and took this one picture. It was deemed authentic by Servicio de Informaciones de Aeronautica.


1960 - Italy, September. This photo of three dark UFOs has certainly had its naysayers. Those who debunk it say that the extreme dark color of the objects make them appear to be pasted onto a background image, and then re-photographed.

This is a possibility. UFO proponents will tell you that either magnetic, gravitational or other anomalies of the advanced technology caused this dark coloration. And so the debate continues...





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