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Name: UFOS ONLINE.   Description: Blog intended to Unravel the Mystery Related ufology and Astronomy. Sharing Reports Related to UFOs. Here you'll find Several sightings of UFOs.
Educating Humanity
Name: Educating Humanity.   Description: UFO, Disclosure, Aliens, Current Events, Large Case File from Pre 1900 to current cases. Largest most comprehenisve breaking UFO news section on the internet, updated several times a day.
The Unexplained Mysteries
Name: The Unexplained Mysteries.   Description: A-Z of Unexplained mysteries like Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO and Aliens, Paranormal. Mysteries like Ghosts, spirits, Vampires, ESP, Secret organizations, Conspiracy Theories. Complete guide of Unexplained Mysteries and Paranormal Phenomenas.
Latest UFO sightings
Name: Latest UFO sightings.   Description: We are trying offer you the latest ufo sightings, videos, news and informations. Our sections include UFO cases, UFO photos and UFO videos
Bible Prophecy - The Signs of the Times
Name: Bible Prophecy - The Signs of the Times.   Description: The Bible predicts that a number of significant signs in the natural and social world will mark the time just preceding Christ's return. Be prepared for that glorious event.
Name: Paranormalis.   Description: Community and information resource dedicated to the exploration and discussion of paranormal, time travel and alternative topics.

Mass UFO Sightings
Name: Mass UFO Sightings.   Description: The latest news, links, images and videos on UFO sightings, the extraterrestrial narrative and exopolitical disclosure
The Crypto Crew
Name: The Crypto Crew.   Description: Cryptozoology and Paranormal News and research from around the world.Everything from Bigfoot to UFOs
The Edge of Reality
Name: The Edge of Reality.   Description: We discuss UFOs, Aliens, Abductions, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Psychic abilities, Unsolved Mysteries and other Unexplained Phenomenon. Come take a walk on the Edge.
Mark Turner's Mysterious World
Name: Mark Turner's Mysterious World.   Description: Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Ghost Stories, Mothman and cryptozoology, UFOs, mysteries of the mind, and more. Investigating the hidden world around us.
Alternative Realities
Name: Alternative Realities.   Description: Paranormal,Occult,U.F.O,2012,Religious,Conspiracy News and Interpretations
UFOdB - #1 Database about UFO sightings
Name: UFOdB - #1 Database about UFO sightings.   Description: UFOdb is all about UFO sighting proofs. Every sightings in UFOdB's Database has a Video or a picture or a document to prove it. UFOdb provides: search engine, own video player, Graphic filters, UFO Picture Magnifier & Locator, Membership and Newsletter.
Name: myuforesearch.   Description: In this site,you will find stories of aliens in the past,photo of sightings ,video,photo of crop circles,ufos in ancient Egypt,the secretum omega,ufo in the history of art and in the Bible,ufos and the tribe of Hopi,l'encounter with the Dogon, outlines on
Top UFO SItes
Name: Top UFO SItes.   Description: Top UFO Sites is a list of the best UFO sites on the Internet.

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Best Alien UFO Links

Million UFOs ALiens Proof Project

1. MillionUFOs.blogspot.com

2. FaceBook Million UFOs Aliens Proof

3. YouTube.com/MillionUFOs

4. Twitter.com/MillionUFOs

5. Google+ Million UFOs

6. Best UFO Videos On YouTube

7. Orkut Million UFOs

Welcome to our Best Aliens UFOs Links page. We will add more information and the best UFO alien links in the world to this page regularly. We will also include banners as they are kind of like art. We like seeing peoples UFO bannner designs. Please enjoy these excellent best UFO links.

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Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence

Lisa Loves UFOs Aliens Proof Evidence

X-Conference UFO Disclosure !!!

Aliens UFOs Free Videos

The Disclosure Project

Alien Existence

World UFO Space


Stealth Skater UFOs


Jerry Pippin's UFO Files


Our Aliens UFOs Research Blogs

Free UFO Videos

and ...

Best UFO Alien Videos


Exopolitics UFO Radio

UFO Seek

Kevin Smith UFO Radio

UFO Radio Florida UFOs

Rense UFO Radio

UFO Radio

Aliens UFOs Top Sites

ET Tracker Frank Khoury

Club Aliens UFOs Free Videos

Project MotherShip

UFO News Club

Area51 ... Area 51

Karen's UFOs Proof Evidence

UFOs & Aliens


Abductee  General UFO news; not abductee specific.
Alien Love Bite  "Alien interference in human relationships."

Alien-UFOs  Abductions, Roswell, conspiracies, Area 51, crop circles.  Nice site.

Aliens the Truth  Much info that covers the gamut, and nice graphics.

Area 51 Photos  What it sounds like.

Area 51 Zone  With info on the new Area 19.

Aurora  Specs for top secret USAF plane, some say was built with alien technology.

Billy Meier  "Official" website of one of UFO's frequent flyers.

Bob Lazar  "Theoretical Physics Archive."  Area 51, Skunkworks, Groom Lake, etc.

Coast to Coast  Formerly "Art Bell."  UFOs, ghosts, vampires, conspiracies, everything.

Crowded Skies  From the "London UFO Studies".  Roy Lake.

David Sereda  UFO & environmental blog, and a good one.

Disclosure Project  Seeking to disclose govt coverups of UFOs.

Dreamland Resort  Area 51 watchdog.

Echoes of Enoch  Christian counseling for UFO abductees.  Hollow earth, ghosts, grays.

Exopolitics  "Political Implications of the ET Presence."

Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee  Wants disclosure of govt UFO files.

Federal Extraterrestrial Exposure Law  Text to US Federal Code: Title 14, Section 1211.

International UFO Museum & Research Center  Located in Roswell.

I Was Abducted  UFO news & forums.

Legendary Times  Erich von Däniken's official ancient astronaut site.

Majestic Documents  Government documents that prove "we are not alone!"

Martian Archeology  Cydonia, Face On Mars, ancient Martian civilizations, etc.

Moon Base Clavius  Claims the Apollo moon landing was not a hoax.

MUFON  Mutual UFO network.  Umbrella organization of UFO groups.

MUFON of Los Angeles
Mystic Gray Buddha Store  T-shirts, mugs, jerseys, etc, from the Weekly Universe.

National UFO Reporting Center  Report your sightings here!

Planet X Video  Roving planet that seeded Earth, created the Ice Age, etc.

Raelian Revolution, The  Official site of alien clone cult, English portal. Brigitte Boisselier.

Reptilian Agenda  Some aliens are green.  David Icke.

Roswell Files  Your first stop on what happened at Roswell.

Truth Seeker at Roswell  Ufology, Area 51, pyramids, by Roswell resident Dennis Balthaser.
UFO Casebook  UFO sightings, reports, etc.
UFO Encounters  British UFO news site.

UFO Magazine  UFOs.

UFO Seek  UFO/paranormal search engine.

UFOs Today  Impressive UFO news site.

Unknown Country  Official site of Whitley Strieber.

X Facts  UFOs, face on Mars, Planet X, etc.
Zeta Talk  Nancy channels the alien Zeta folk.  Planet X info.




Above Top Secret  Majestic 12, alien autopsy, CIA remote viewing, Area 51, more.
Bilderberg  A conspiracist favorite.  Site seems to be run by "Jews for Jesus" types.

Black Vault, The  FOIA documents.  CIA, JFK, UFOs, etc.

Clinton Body Count  Clinton's long trail of dead bodies.

Conspiracy Archive  Emphasis on Illuminati, New Age, politics, religion.
Conspiracy Planet  Anti-Bush, anti-NWO, black helicopters, etc.

Council on Foreign Relations  Many say they control the world!  As seen on The X-Files!

Crank  Conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, weird science, extreme politics, cults, paranoia.

Disinformation  Conspiracies, aliens, weirdness.  See and judge for yourself.

Freemasonry Watch  Monitoring Freemasons.

Hidden Mysteries  Illuminati, UFOs, hollow earth, "suppressed books," more.

Human Underground  UFOs, Majestic, 9/11, Red China, more.

Jeff Rense  Art Bell clone.  Conspiracies, UFOs, chemtrails, alternative health ...

John Lennon Murder  Claims that Nixon, Reagan, and Stephen King murdered Lennon!

Lobster  "The Journal of Parapolitics"  (a British journal about conspiracies).
Paranoia Magazine Conspiracies of every kind: Area 51, Illuminati, etc.

Prison Planet  World government, anti-Bush, "occult elite."

Save the Males  Freemasonry, British aristocracy, Zionism, Communism, feminism vs. men [sic!]
Securitate  Espionage and intelligence news & parody.  For cloak & dagger buffs.

Tetrahedron  Bioweapons, AIDS, eboli, SARS, small pox.  Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Trilateral Commission, The  Seems to be their official website.

Wayne Madsen Report  Much about Clinton, Bush and the New World Order.

What Really Happened  Emphasis on 9/11 and World Government.

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