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This Day In UFO History: Glowing UFO Ball Flies Over High Security Nuclear Missile And Bomber Base, Aug 5, 1953, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: August 5, 1953
Location of sighting: Ellsworth Air Force Base, Box Elder, South Dakota

This is a special historic report, one that I can attest to being real. You see, I (Scott Waring) was in the USAF at Ellsworth. However I chose to live off base in Rapid City, about 18 miles away from the SAC base. Ellsworth is home to not just B1 bombers (may area), but also hundreds of long range nuclear missiles.   One day I walked out to the parking lot to go to the base, when I saw about 20 people looking straight up. I looked and saw 4 long cloud tunnels that started above our parking lot (1000 meters up) and disappeared over the mountains. Then a rumbling and a 747 size glowing florescent ball appeared at the end of the tunnel over me. It slowly moved through the cloud tunnel gaining speed as it moved, till it moved faster than an any jet, disappearing in the distance.  I saw about 25 of these before I realised I was almost late, and jumped in my Datsun B210 and took off to base. It was about noon, on a cloudless day, except those 4 cloud tunnels. Thousands saw it, but no one talked about it back in 1989-90. The report below is a similar, but single UFO. 

The significant part of my sighting, the UFOs came from underground near my apartments on the hill. There has to be an alien base below Rapid City, SD. 
Scott C. Waring

Report States:
Source: Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, Former Director of Project Blue Book I first heard about the sighting about two o'clock on the morning of August 11,1953, when Max Futch called me from ATIC. A few minutes before, a wire had come in carrying a priority just under that reserved for flashing the word the U.S. has been attacked. Max had been called over to ATIC by the OD to see the report, and he thought that I should see it. I was a little hesitant to get dressed and go out to the base, so I asked Max what he thought about the report. His classic answer will go down in UFO history, "Captain," Max said in his slow, pure Louisiana drawl, "you know that for a year I've read every flying saucer report that's come in and that I never really believed in the things." Then he hesitated and added, so fast that I could hardly understand hini, "But you should read this wire." The speed with which he uttered this last statement was in itself enough to convince me. When Max talked fast, something was important. A half hour later I was at ATIC - just in time to get a call from the Pentagon. Someone else had gotten out of bed to read his copy of the wire. I used the emergency orders that I always kept in my desk and caught the first airliner out of Dayton to Rapid City, South Dakota. I didn't call the 4602nd because I wanted to investigate this one personally. I talked to everyone involved in the incident and pieced together an amazing story. Shortly after dark on the night of twelfth, the Air Defense Command radar station at Ellsworth AFB, just east of Rapid City, had received a call from the local Ground Observer Corps filter center. A lady spotter at Black Hawk, about 10 miles west of Ellsworth, had reported an extremely bright light low on the horizon, off to the northeast. The radar had been scanning an area to the west, working a jet fighter in some practice patrols, but when they got the report they moved the sector scan to the northeast quadrant There was a target exactly where the lady repored the light to be. The warrant officer who was the duty controller for the night, told me that he'd studied the target for several minutes. He knew how weather could affect radar but this target was well defined, solid, and bnght." It seemed to be moving, but very slowly. He called for an altitude reading, and the man on the height-finding radar checked his scope. He also had the target - it was at 16.000 feet. The warrant officer picked up the phone and asked the filter center to connect him with the spotter. They did, and ihe two people compared notes on the UFO's position for several minutes. But right in the middle of a sentence the lady suddenly stopped and excitedly said, "It'sstarting to move - it's moving southwest toward Rapid." The controller looked down at his scope and the target was begining to pick up speed and move southwest. He yelled at two of his men to run outside and take a look. In a second or two one of them shouted back that they could both see a large bluish-white light moving toward Rapid City. The controller looked down at his scope, the target was moving toward Rapid City. As all three parties watched the light and kept up a steady cross conversation of the description, the UFO swiftly made a wide sweep around Rapid City and returned to its original position in the sky. A master sergeant who had seen and heard the happenings told me that in all his years of duty - combat radar operations in both Europe and Korea - he'd never been so completely awed by anything. When the warrant officer had yelled down at him and asked him what he thought they should do, he'd just stood there. "After all," he told me, "what in hell couldf we do - they're bigger than all of us." But the warrant officer did do something. He called to the F-84 pilot he had on combat air patrol west of the base and told him to get ready for an intercept. He brought the pilot around south of the base and gave him a course correction thai would take him riglit into the light. which was still at 16.000 feet. By this time the pilot had it spotted. He made the turn, and when he closed to within about 3 miles of the target, it began to move. The controller saw it begin to move, the spotter saw it begin to move and the pilot saw it begin to move - all at the same time There was now no doubt that all of them were watching the same object. Once it began to move, the UFO picked up speed fast and started to climb, heading north, but the F-84 was right on its tail. The pilot would notice that the light was getting brighter, and he'd call the controller to tell him about it. But the controller's answer would always be the same, "Roger, we can see it on the scope." There was always a limit as to how near the jet could get, however. The controller told me that it was just as if the UFO had some kind of an automatic warning radar linked to its power supply. When something got too close to it, it would automatically pick up speed and pull away. The separation distance always remained about 3 miles. The chase continued on north out of sight of the lights of Rapid Cty and the base - into some very black night. When the UFO and the F-84 got about 120 miles to the north, the pilot checked his fuel; he had to come back. And when I talked to him, be said he was damn glad that he was running out of fuel because being out over some mighty desolate country alone with a UFO can cause some worry. Both the UFO and the F-84 had gone off the scope, but in a few minutes the jet was back on, heading for home. Then 10 or 15 miles behind it was the UFO target also coming back. While the UFO and the F-84 were returning to the base - the F-84 was planning to land - the controller received a call from the jet interceptor squadron on the base. The alert pilots at the squadron had heard the conversations on their radio and didn't believe it. "Who's nuts up there?" was the comment that passed over the wire from the pilots to the radar people. There was an F-84 on the line ready to scramble, the man on the phone said, and one of the pilots, a World War II and Korean veteran, wanted to go up and see a flying saucer. The controller said, "OK, go." In a minute or two the F-84 was airborne and the controller was working him toward the light. The pilot saw it right away and closed in. Again the light began to clirnb out, this time more toward the northeast. The pilot also began to climb, and before long the light, which at first had been about 30 degrees above his horizontal line of sight, was now below him. He nosed the '84 down to pick up speed, but it was the same old story - as soon as he'd get within 3 miles of the UFO, it would put on a burst of speed and stay out ahead. Even though the pilot could see the light and hear the ground controller telling him that he was above it, and alternately gaining on it or dropping back, he still couldn't believe it - there must be a simple explanation He turned off all of his lights - it wasn't a reflection from any of the airplane's lights because there it was. A reflection from a ground light, maybe. He rolled the airp!ane - the position of the light didn't change. A star - he picked out three bright stars near the light and watched carefully. The UFO moved in relation to the three stars. Well, he thought to himself, if it's a real object out there, my radar should pick it up too; so he flipped on his radar-ranging gunsight. In a few seconds the red light on his sight blinked on - something real and solid was in front of him. Then he was scared. When I talked to him, he readily admitted that he'd been scared. He'd met MD 109's, FW 190's and ME 262's over Germany and he'd met MIG-15's over Korea but the large, bright, bluish-white light had scared - he asked the controller if he could break off the intercept This time the light didn't corne back. What he UFO went off the scope it was headed toward Fargo, North Dakota, so the controller called the Fargo filter center. "Had they had any reports of unidentified lights?" he asked. They hadn't. But in a few minutes a call came back. Spotter posts on a southwest- northeast line a few miles west of Fargo had reported a fast-nioving, bright bluish-white light. This was an unknown - the best.. The sighting was thorougly investigated, and I could devote pages of detail on how we looked into every facet of the incident; but it will suffice to say that in every facet we looked into we saw nothing. Nothing but a big question mark asking what was it. Captain Edward J. Ruppelt Former Director, Project Blue Book
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X-15October 21, 2016 at 6:24 PM
So do this alleged cross has to have a a ahhum RELIGIOUS significance that someone OR org more than likely thats connected w/ NASA wants some of us here to subconsciously believe via possible PHOTO SHOPPING NASA rover image's???
Do anyone here envision a religous msg via this image im kindly asking, well I DONT, & personally i think its a PHOTO SHOPED image of a cross on some intelligent made object in the mars scene, i also feel that theres insidious forces that lurks w/in the Sec/Gov't shawdows thats now aware of the popularity of these NASA mars rover image's & now are taking advantage of your or i should say some of your thought processes to think in "Guided Controled Ways", OR simply put "MIND CONTROL" via "Guided Imagery" to have some of you but fortunately not all of you to think subconsciously of a Jesus conn to this rover pic discovery & & & possibly more images to come UC...

Theres numerous statue remains of mostly non cacasoid looking & human animal hybrid humanoid looking individuals on mars surface to be visualy obfuscated included, UC religion thats practiced down here was not known on ancient mars, a martian humaniod cultural diversity that forces in global control here on this world do not want the masses of earth educated about, such as learning to harness ones own electro chemistry to where you could literally levitate, discharging electro static energy from your hands & finger tips for healing or defense, telekinesis, RV'ing, physical bi location remote healing or simply put, ancient "Advanced Humanoid Beings" that our present dumb down earthly behinds would consider as gods, so now do UC why the martian pic obfuscation techniques is vitally needed by forces beyond NASA's control, im not shoving this down anyones already made up opinionated mindsets but take time to consider the thought...



Strange bright UFO spotted over Brisbane, Australia during full moon rising

Red and white cylindrical object over Brisbane Australia, during full moon rising of October 16, 2016.

Witness states: This object was descending on a steady flight path angle from left to right, as would an aircraft. My question over this being merely a commercial aircraft, is that it doesn't appear to be a case of motion blur; rather an evenly halved red and white body.

Also; if it was an aircraft heading from my left to my right towards Brisbane International airport, from my vantage point on the west side of Brisbane (about 20KM from the CBD); why then do I see it as a well lit, thick cylinder instead of just what I would normally see from a conventional aircraft of wing-tip lights as it passed side-ways to my viewing perspective - NOT bright lights as it would be if facing my direction?

I further speculate that even if it was the cabin lights from windows; it would appear on film as only a relatively thin band of white lights - not the full height of the vehicles fuselage. Also; there would be no red color on the full side of same to leave this image as an equally distributed red and white object, and certainly would not start and end as a rounded curved shape as it does.

I have a good degree of photographic knowledge, as I was a professional photographer for over 30 years.

This is not the first unusual sighting from the same vantage point of my house. Mufon case 79987.

Government cover-ups of UFOs and aliens have been around for quite some time, but the latest one can be mind-blowing. The footage from NASA showing the 1969 Apollo 12 mission has recently brought some controversies among UFO enthusiasts.

Some UFO researchers think the video and images show a UFO hovering
over the moon. Others believe the mysterious lights in the footage could validate the rumors about a secret U.S. government spacecraft. Specifically, they are referring to the alleged surveillance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force.

Adding the mystery to the video are the reports of similar craft flying over Antelope Valley in California deserts.

While the latest video has gone viral, not everybody is convinced on the triangular formation of lights to be an indication of extra-terrestrial life. Some people argue that aliens would be more advanced to use lights, which usually cause people to notice them.

There are also some viewers who think that the footage only shows half of the truth. They say that it is edited to make a viral video and earn money from it.

Further investigations could give more details about the footage and the alleged alien UFO.







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